Sunday, April 7, 2013

Semi-Lazy Sunday

It has been a quiet, non-productive day. I am not too proud of the 'non-productive' part!

I had a picture of my new Copic folder that I forgot to put on here last time.
I love this folder! Well, it is really two of them sitting one on top of another. I like how I can see all of my Copics and put them in color families. Now I just want another one though! :)
Angie colored a digi to put in a contest at The Stamping Chef. I was never contacted to see if Angie won or even who won. I finally just went to the site and saw that Angie's image was not chosen as the page banner. Her image wasn't even put on the site like the other entries were. I wonder if it was because hers wasn't made into a card, although it was stated in the rules that she didn't have to have it in card form because they were only using the image. I don't even think I am going to mention anything more to her. 
Angie's submission. I happen to think she did an amazing job. :)

For Easter I got an Easter basket from Tim with some various chocolate and a picture of some punches that he had ordered. They finally came yesterday.

Some of the biggest news of the week is that Tim was accepted to the Universary of WI Online program. He will be able to finish up a degree that he had been working on for years now. I am anxious to see which credits transfer and how many classes he will actually have to take. I know he is very excited to start this new adventure. I am SO proud of him.
I don't understand why my pictures are right-side up when I save them, but when I upload them, they are twisted. It is so irritating!

I can't seem to get control over this Blog thing. I am sure someday it will be second nature, but for now I get lost. :(
Regardless, this is going to be a GREAT week. I am going to hold out on the details until Friday night or Saturday.
Have a splendid April week!