Friday, August 1, 2014

Summerween Swap

                         Simply Betty Fan Page Swap

This is my very first swap and blog hop. I was very thankful to get a timely and thoughtful swap sister. I got so lucky!

My partner was Jackie Rakoski-Diediker. It was so fun anticipating what she would send me. I think everyone likes getting mail, let me correct myself...mail that ISN''T a bill. I love ordering online just to get the fun mail. This was even more of a thrill because it was all a surprise. Jackie picked out some of the cutest bling I have ever seen.

Here is Jackie's version of Sandwitch Betty. I love her eyes. :)

Isn't she adorable?!?

I also received lots of bling and goodies.

You should have made your way through everyone to get to my page. I hope you enjoyed your hop. Here is everyone in case you missed someone.

Betty Roberts
Corinne Jones
Sheri Loatwall
Kelli Hull
Anita Blake
Emily Thubbron
Marie Franklin
Erin Stephenson
Jackie Randolph
Roz Wolfe
Lucy Gregg
Jackie Rakoski-Diediker
Kathy Gillon
Me - You are here

A big thank you to Betty and Corinne for putting this swap and hop together.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Semi-Lazy Sunday

It has been a quiet, non-productive day. I am not too proud of the 'non-productive' part!

I had a picture of my new Copic folder that I forgot to put on here last time.
I love this folder! Well, it is really two of them sitting one on top of another. I like how I can see all of my Copics and put them in color families. Now I just want another one though! :)
Angie colored a digi to put in a contest at The Stamping Chef. I was never contacted to see if Angie won or even who won. I finally just went to the site and saw that Angie's image was not chosen as the page banner. Her image wasn't even put on the site like the other entries were. I wonder if it was because hers wasn't made into a card, although it was stated in the rules that she didn't have to have it in card form because they were only using the image. I don't even think I am going to mention anything more to her. 
Angie's submission. I happen to think she did an amazing job. :)

For Easter I got an Easter basket from Tim with some various chocolate and a picture of some punches that he had ordered. They finally came yesterday.

Some of the biggest news of the week is that Tim was accepted to the Universary of WI Online program. He will be able to finish up a degree that he had been working on for years now. I am anxious to see which credits transfer and how many classes he will actually have to take. I know he is very excited to start this new adventure. I am SO proud of him.
I don't understand why my pictures are right-side up when I save them, but when I upload them, they are twisted. It is so irritating!

I can't seem to get control over this Blog thing. I am sure someday it will be second nature, but for now I get lost. :(
Regardless, this is going to be a GREAT week. I am going to hold out on the details until Friday night or Saturday.
Have a splendid April week!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

What a nice Easter season so far. Yesterday we (Tim, Ally, Angie, Byte, and I) went to my mom's for Easter. We brought cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham, corn, cresent rolls, and sugar cookies. Of course, I forgot about the corn completly. It wasn't until we were mostly done eating that I remembered that I didn't make it! :( Oh, well.

Today the girls woke up to look for their baskets and then we made cinnamon rolls. I came downstairs to play with my stamping stuff and the girls promptly took a nap. Tim helped me set up my brand new photo studio. So cool! And, not very expensive.

I also got a new 12" cutter with a laser. My old Fiskers slider one was just so worn out. I have a smaller one ordered too, but it hasn't come in yet.

I can't seem to keep this picture rotated the way it orginally was. :(

The Easter bunny even brought me a basket...along with some new punches. I got the pictures though because they haven't quite made it here yet.

I finished another homework project for my CMC class.

We are working on light sources.

Finally, my cousin, Brad, is coming to visit us in a bit. We haven't seen him since Fourth of July 2011. Then, we are all (Tim, Ally, Angie, Byte, and I) going to Tim's parents for Easter. I think John, Tammy, Brady, and Logan are going to be there. Oh, Bonnie and George too!

My next project is going to be to make my own Mother's Day cards for my mom, Tim's mom, and my step-mom, Susan. That is my goal. I think it is going to match up with a challenge that is going on now, so that is a bonus.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Color Me Creative Spring Card

I think it has taken me three weeks to complete this card for the CMC Challenge. It is my first online challenge card. I have only made one other card for a contest and that was at our local craft store.

What seemed easy to do at first, ended up more complicated than I thought. I look at all the cards that people post and they are SO complex. I have to admit, I don't care for the cards that have a million and one things on them. First of all, it is just too busy for me. Secondly, all I can think of is, "Holy cats! That is a lot of money sitting there in trinkets!".

I thought the hardest part was going to be finding the right stamp to use. I ended up purchasing a set from Darcie's. That ended up being the easiest part! After that, it was finding the paper, the Copics...which I didn't own any aqua colors, so I had to buy some, then trying to embellish it a bit.

Needless to say, I think by the online community's tastes, it is not nearly embellished enough, but I like it. :) I think she turned out cute and I love the color combo!

After posting this, I found another challenge with a spring them. Di's Digi's is having an Easter/Spring challenge, so I am going to post her there too! So exciting!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Very First Class Submission

Here is my first homework submission. I am not thrilled with the washed out look of his shoes, but after several attempts at getting a better picture, I finally settled for this one. The homework was using the Copic Colorless Blender and using the refill to create a pattern. I used an old washcloth to create the texture on his jeans. There are some things I adore on this little guy and some things I am not all that happy with. Even though it seems like I have a whole lot of Copics, when you go in to color something, it sure doesn't see like all!

Regardless, I will submit my cute little La-La Land Crafts stamp and see what Suzanne has to say. :)

Copic Class...*yay*

I finally signed up for Suzanne Dean's Beginner Copic class. I was trying to wait until I was done with school so my time was a little more free, but homework hasn't been an issue and I just couldn't wait any longer. It was one of those things that was constantly in the back of my head nagging at me. Now I just have to get settled in and start. I was all excited to get things rocking and rolling last night...snuggled in on the loveseat with my blanket, wiener dog, and laptop. I clicked 'print' and found out that my printer, which is waaayyy down in my basement craft room, was out of paper. Well, that halted everything for the evening.

Today is a new day though. Laundry is in, dishwasher is running, homework is done, Tim is at work, kids are gone....SO, I can be crafty all I want! :)

I hope, very soon, to post my very first challenge card. I am working on a 'spring' card for Color Me Creative's challenge. The biggest challenge so far is trying to wrap it up in order to figure out how to take the best photo and in the world to post it and link it. This is a whole new world for me!